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Ahhh, you've stumbled into my private office, a cubby hole of ones and zeroes. I'm pleased to meet you. My name's Paul, and I'll be your guide.

If this side of the road makes you ill-at-ease, try the other. Your comfort is my concern.

Tour of Time Through Time had a short life around 2000 with three tours, six months apart on the equinox.

Back then it was manual labor, with me sending out emails daily. It's now automated, and tours leave daily. Although Tour of time Through Time is no longer tied to the equinox, it's still tied to the day. Emails are sent daily at 3 am Pacific time.

Feel free to preview a few days of the tour. You could also listen to sounds of time, or inspect the timely musings of others. There is also a nice listing of links to other sites about time.

Snoop around and get a feel for time. If you have any questions, comments, or otherwise need assistance, I'm at

your comfort is my concern.

See you on the tour.    

         Until then,

                 Take time


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