Time Management

There once was a man from Bankok
who kept an eye on his grandfather clock.
His clock stopped resetting,
he was late for his wedding,
and his son was born out of wedlock.

My clock is a clock of precision.
My clock is my body's mechanism.
I'm always on time,
not just sometime.

Avoiding lateness is my primary mission.

Two urinaries following my sleep

I shall meet Miss Little Bo Peep.
I musn't be late,
it's our very first date
and I don't want to seem like a creep.

In two hair cut trimmings from whence
from my next toe nail clipping incidence,
I shall hunt down a turkey
that's certainly worthy
of a Thanksgiving par excellence.

In five heart beats I'll do a BM,

which will solve my present problem.
I must make room somehow
for my next round of chow
so I can do it all over again.

My body is a clock you see.
My promptness merely elementary.
To keep my appointments,
and avoid all annoyance
I simply look at me.