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Through Time Through Time is more than words set to time,
more than e-mails being time.
It's also merging minds in search of time's meaning and purpose,
or does time need a meaning and purpose?

Below are various ideas from our fellow time tourists.
Your daily e-mailings will have a link to the form
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Join us as we ponder the meaning and purpose of time.


   Free your thoughts to the wind.





Name: Dr. Peter Beamish


Musings: - - - - - Day 45 The Rail of Time - - - - - "You are here now, not yesterday, not tomorrow. Experience the now. Yesterday and tomorrow are merely timeless points along the infinite rail of time." (SPG)

"Our pasts are labels of history, Our futures are shrouded in mystery. But "NOW TIME," a paradigm, is uplift, of true gift." (PCB)

Date: 11/07/2001

Name: Dr. Peter Beamish


Musings: Day 35 - Time is Money

"The world is a hectic place, travelling at a frantic pace."

This is only true in "A Chamber of Evolution" within "The House of Nature." It is not true in "A Chamber of Altruism" and it is only partially true in "An Intermediate Chamber," where humans sometimes enter, leaving behind some of their evolutionary tendencies.

"Money makes the world go round. Without it time would run aground."

This is only partially true and only for homo sapiens. But there is a lot more to The Earth's biosphere than humans! Without money time would NOT run aground! However, "Without Mind, Thus No TIME." And it appears that all living organisms have "unconscious mind," while Kingdom Animalia additionally possesses "conscious mind." The latter can be defined as "mass/energy and information involved with the architecture of a central nervous system" (as in our latest book (in press): "TIME" beyond "conventional time").

"We keep our lives in constant motion; time and money our devotion."

This is a recipe for an early death! There are three and only three things that all organisms need to maximize their lower stress, and thus to often obtain a longer life. The first is nutrition. The second is shelter. And the third is "Now TIME," which is normally thought of by humans as either "quality time" or "vacation time (without detailed planning)." Now TIME is: "associated with events in one's present." There are about 100 such definitions in the glossary of our new book (as above) and subtitles are: "Over 200 Ancient and Novel Concepts Merge," "Understanding Nature and Biological Time" and "With Realistic thoughts, for ages 9-99!"

Ceta-Research will send, by "snail mail," a complimentary copy of this book, as below, to all present subscribers of this "Tour" and, after a preview, if you feel sincerely that someone else would value the ideas contained therein (and not discard the volume), then upon: 1) adding to the inscription, 2) giving the book to them and 3) stating such to Ceta-Research via e-mail, we will post a complementary replacement as specified in the book's technical information on page ii and in concept #4, which is: "Share knowledge; such is altruistic." To receive this new book, including our sensational Canadian postage stamps of The Great Whales, the animals that taught us that their "Time" was significantly different (concepts 191-210) than our "conventional time," just reply by year's end to: with your address (and academic interest).

"Chimo" (Inuit for: "To Your Health and Happiness") Peter Beamish

Date: 11/01/2001

Name: Dr. Peter Beamish


Musings: Cyclic Monotony (Day 16)

"A life of regularity, steeped in high cyclicity of very strict conformity makes time lose its identity."

"A life - steeped in high cyclicity - " is quite probably a life of additional joy, of additional happiness and of larger amounts of low biological stress. It is a life with perhaps the greatest psychological asset, that of maximizing one's "NOW TIME." Indeed, for such a life, your concept of time ("conventional time" or "ct") does to a large extent "lose its identity." But another form of TIME, namely "Rhythm Based Time" (RBT) or "Orthogonal Time," is prevalent and, in this case, is used for the encoding of information as "Rhythm Based Communication" or RBC. Recall that "ct" + RBT = TIME (as Ref.). Cetaceans probably live such lives! Ref:

Date: 10/08/2001

Name: Dr. Peter Beamish


Musings: "What was time before humankind set the hour hand in motion, and orbs went round and round and round, and time was not a notion?" (Day 14)

TIME was: "The reading on clocks" (Einstein), Of which there were many and many and many, Before humankind. TIME was orthogonal "Rhythm Based Time" (RBT), Being "Late, OffTime, Early, OnTime Concepts," & Photosynthetic cells surely "knew" diurnal Time! And so you see, RBT, Outdates you and me!

p.s. First mind, brings Time, and, "No Mind, Thus No Time."

Date: 10/05/2001

Name: Brent


Musings: Dear Sam. Re: Day Six. If the eye is an organ for the perception of light, just exactly which organ is it that allows us "to have" the perception, the experience, of time?

Date: 09/27/2001

Name: Dr. Peter Beamish


Musings: UNIVERSITY OF BRITISH COLUMBIA – PRESENTATION Physics, Biology, Zoology, Marine Mammal and Medical Sciences, et al. Thursday, April 26, 2001, Physics (Hennings) 201, 10:30 a.m. by Peter Beamish, S.M. (M.I.T.), Ph.D. (U.B.C. ‘69) Ceta-Research Inc. Trinity, NF, A0C 2S0, Canada; Introduction: Here are short statements (seven words or less, and separated, as such, in italics), of both ancient and novel concepts of TIME, and related, scientific philosophy. Explanations have been added (and are available) so that, hopefully, everything one needs to know, could well have been understood at a VERY early age! There is a novelty, a paradigm shift, (as emphasized in bold type). We travel from the learned, "language-like" communication methods of most adult humans, into a new "Time T" communications concept named "RBC," recently found in other organisms of our Earth's biosphere. Enjoy!

Graphics (three dimensional and oscillating): -An "Event Space Sphere" Diagram- is at:

1. HERE ARE "TOKENS OF TIME," - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - "Tangible representations of the immaterial." "Open your arms to change." - - - - "Share knowledge; such is altruistic." - - - - "A new world has begun."

6. Behold, time is: THE READING ON A CLOCK. This is a wonderful, starting expression, going back through the ages, and it was the powerful thinking of Isaac Newton and Albert Einstein.

7. But, you can: READ A CLOCK TWO WAYS. This is a new idea, discovered in the final years of the 20th century.

8. The old idea of time ("t," in science) is: LINEAR, IN THE DIRECTION OF "MASS/ENERGY," (meaning: the "motion" of mass and/or energy). Linear is like a line from the past to the present and then on into the future. "Mass/energy," will be used to mean: either mass or energy or both!

10. The new idea: "Time T" IS ORTHOGONAL "RHYTHM BASED Time," (RBT). Orthogonal is, a marvellous sounding word, with the easy meaning: "at right angles" or, at 90 degrees. Let us: use a capital T, only to distinguish, the new "Time" from our usual "time t."

13. RBT IS THE PERCEPTION OF RELATIVE LATENESS. "Lateness" is easy! Everyone can be late! Here, "relative" means, that one is, late with respect to (some) "OnTimeness!" Closed words, also, signify the new Time concept. Perception is carried out with minds.


25. There are known: ONLY TWO PHENOMENA IN THE UNIVERSE! If, ONE IS MASS AND/OR ENERGY, can you guess what another could be?

27. In review: WE USE MASS/ENERGY FOR ABBREVIATION. The slash "/" then means "and/or." Have you guessed a second phenomenon in all of Nature?

29. A SECOND PHENOMENON IS - - INFORMATION. This concept deserves a space all to itself!



35. RBC MEANS "RHYTHM BASED COMMUNICATION," or, INFORMATION ENCODED IN "Time" (RBT). Encoded, is another marvellous sounding word, meaning: placed into a system of concepts. In this case the concepts are: notions of Time, not time! 39. DEFINE "t" PLUS RBT AS "TIME" (upper case), which thus becomes helical like a "slinky!" This addition can be tricky. It may have been a main, hurdle in the past logic of time. But the addition is not difficult; we'll clarify this "TIME Concept" shortly!

44. "timetags" ARE "t-LABELS," NOTHING MORE.

45. "Timetags" ARE "T-LABELS," NOTHING MORE. Please note the important difference! T-Labels and Timetags are in Time (RBT); t-labels and timetags are in conventional time.

49. "Time/timetags," (a novel word of combined new concepts), ARE Timetags AND/OR timetags.

50. "Past time," (a wonderful old concept), AND "Future time," (a mysterious notion), ARE timetags! Remember: these tags are labels. More on this soon! "Deep time" (a wonderful new concept) is deeper, "past time." (2).

52. ALL Time/timetags, (meaning labels of Time and/or labels of time), ARE SCALAR QUANTITIES. Scalar quantities have magnitude only, meaning they are: quantities with no assigned space direction.



57. ALL TIME IS "NOW TIME," on or within one's "Event Space Sphere." Such a sphere, contains all: events associated with one's present time, (or Time), one's present thoughts, one's "NOW," (please see three dimensional, oscillating diagram on previously referenced internet site).

61. ALL TIME IS "REAL TIME" Thus: the new concept of TIME is real, but only, on or within one's Event Space Sphere! In: "The beyond" of one's Event Space Sphere exist labels: mental, inscribed, (machine made and) others. Recall: TIME DIFFERS FROM T OR t.

66. ALL Time T IS "NowTime." Watch for closed words and upper case. Both: Time and T represent the RBT concept, and, NowTime lies on a plane, orthogonal to mass/energy motion.

70. ALL NOW TIME IS REAL. This expression embodies, a bold new concept. Events outside, one's Event Space Sphere, or ESS, are certainly real but, they are, not in one's real TIME.

73. PAST time IS NOT REAL TIME, outside one's Event Space Sphere. AND FUTURE time IS NOT REAL TIME, outside one's Event Space Sphere.

77. SYNCHRONIZATION IS "HAPPENING AT THE SAME TIME." Nature cherishes synchronization! Watch a flock of birds, a school of fish. Life, on Earth, is "in tune with" sunrise, sunset.

80. "The Diurnal" (for example sunrise to sunrise), is: OUR MOST IMPORTANT RHYTHM OF TIME. Diurnal here means "occupying one Earth rotation."

82. ALL TIME HAS SUPERSYMMETRIC PROPERTIES. Supersymmetry is when you can rotate a coordinate system (such as x,y,z), and, certain positions always rotate into other positions, in the same set.

84. This concept "asks" one for further explanation! Consider a coordinate system, comprised of: east-west (x & -x), north-south (y & -y) and up-down (z &-z). This is supersymmetric for any rotation of 1/4 cycle, for if x is rotated into y, then y rotates into _x etc. But notice that: the origin always rotates into itself! And for our Event Space Sphere (ESS), THE ORIGIN REPRESENTS A TYPE OF "NOWNESS."

86. CONVENTIONAL time CAN ROTATE INTO RBT. Please see diagram on previously referenced internet site. Real time, lies, on or within one's ESS. So if thinking about an event (just past), and this event is for example at an "ESS north pole," then by the concept of supersymmetry, the "event time," can be mentally rotated into "event Time," which must then lie on the "ESS equator."

88. TIME DOESN'T FLOW OR OVERFLOW. Some metaphors don't work with, the new, (upper case), TIME. TIME is not like a river. TIME is not like an arrow.

93. There are: ONLY THREE ORTHOGONAL "SPACIAL DIMENSIONS." (Like poetry? "OSD," - 3 and ONLY 3!) North, east and up, are examples of OSD's, and TIME is not a spacial dimension.

95. VECTORS HAVE MAGNITUDE AND DIRECTION, like a car, driving along in the north direction. Any direction can be described in terms of spacial dimensions, so that: VECTORS EXIST WITHIN SPACIAL DIMENSIONS.

97. THE MAGNITUDE OF time INCREASES, NEVER DECREASES. This quality makes: conventional time, different from other scalar quantities, like temperature and volume. LET time BE A "COUNTING SCALAR."

100. NOW --- TWO IMPORTANT CONCEPTS! Let moving mass and moving energy be described as vectors (as both have magnitude and direction), that can be labelled with tags, specifically - "timetags" and Timetags." (I) "timetag VECTORS" ARE time ON VECTORS. (II) "Timetag VECTORS" ARE Time ON VECTORS.

102. "SPACE-TIME" CONSISTS OF FOUR VARIABLES. Variables are often thought of as dimensions but, they are not always spacial dimensions. Space-time is, for example, x, y, z, and t, which are 4 variables, or 4 coordinates, in only 3 spacial dimensions.

104. Is there a space-time continuum? THERE IS NO SPACE-TIME CONTINUUM. Let "timetag vectors"="time vectors" etc. Suppose that time t seems to be continuous. But, Time T is not continuous. Then TIME, (which equals a time vector plus a Time vector), is not continuous!

109. Is there a space-time concept? "SPACE_TIME" IS A VALID CONCEPT. And "space-colour" is a valid concept! And "space-temperature" is also valid! And: "space-time-colour" is a valid concept!

112. A CLOCK PRODUCES CYCLIC MOTION. A clock is any mechanism and/or life system that represents, or is capable of producing cyclic, recurrent or periodic motion. There are:"zillions" of clocks in the biosphere!

114. NO CLOCK, THUS NO CLOCKING. NO CLOCKING, THUS NO TAGGING, (meaning: time, Time or TIME tagging). NO timetags, THUS NO time. NO Timetags, THUS NO Time.

119. TIMING IS "THE ARITHMETIC OF TIME." NO time, THUS NO timing. NO Time, THUS NO Timing.


125. CONCEPTS ARE FORMED IN MINDS. Conscious mind is mass/energy and information, involved with the architecture of a central nervous system. Unconscious mind is mass/energy and information, possibly involved with every living cell.

126. DURATION IS A Time/timetag DIFFERENCE. A duration is a TIMEtag of increased quantity, less a TIMEtag of lesser quantity, where the TIMEtags (scalar labels) are of the same type as per: a) timetags, b) Timetags, or c) combined resultant, helical, TIME labels. Recall: Timetags+timetags=TIMEtags (as vectors).

128. TIME DURATIONS ARE FROM "REAL TIME" LABELS, (and: "time durations" are from any "time" labels). If: real TIME, lies, on or within one's ESS, then: What lies beyond? Answer: "past times" and "future times," which: include scalar timetags or labels.


136. LEARNING CAN BE BY METAPHOR. The: "House of Nature" has more than Evolution. Nature also has a "Chamber of Altruism."

139. Let: a unit of definitive knowledge="widget," a unit of time knowledge="twidget," and, a unit of TIME knowledge="Twidget." Twidgets ARE A CURRENCY OF NATURE, used mainly in the "Chamber of Altruism."

143. RBC CHANGES SOME MYSTERY TO COMPREHENSION. How do certain mysterious feelings arise? How do twins have simultaneous thoughts? How do we often have definitive knowledge at the time of a distant event? RBC's "Synchronization" may often tell.

145. <TIME>=ALL COMBINED TIME CONCEPTS. Included are time t, Time T, vector t and vector T, also vector t plus vector T, which equals TIME. Included are timetags, Timetags, and TIMEtags, past time and future time, also now time, NowTime (closed words) and NOW TIME (inside one's Event Space Sphere).

146. A MOVING CLOCK RUNS SLOWLY, measured in Time not time. A moving object can carry timetags t. A clock, by definition, can carry Timetags T. Define "time-velocity" as "time vector" velocity, etc. Time-velocity plus time-velocity (in vacuo)=a constant. Thus: as such linear motion increases, Time decreases. 151. BIOPHYSICS AND BIOCHEMISTRY KNOW MASS/ENERGY AS FINITE. Progress is in word choice. Infinity works in mathematics, but not so well in biophysics. Reality seems finite also!


161. ELECTROMAGNETIC FORCE CAN CAUSE time TO CYCLE. A proton has a positive charge; an electron has the opposite. 162. ELECTROMAGNETIC FORCE CAN CYCLE time INTO Time. 163. ELECTROMAGNETIC FORCE —> THE BENDING OF <TIME>.

164. Photons can travel in time t, with a peak velocity of "c." But allow a photon to spin, and let the spin speed be "v." Then: TIME=T+t, so that v+b=c (1). Here: b=displacement over t. Displacement is distance in a direction.

168. Now, gaze on the photon from a side, and, its helical form is like a wave. But, from behind or in front it appears, like a particle as it seems to behave. Slowing a photon's linear displacement, converts: "time" to "Time," and can add mass!

174. Converting "time" to "Time," by force, can create mass M from energy E, where E=M multiplied by ( c squared ). The bracketed entity ( c squared ), is a simple, but famous, "conversion constant." Hence, the useful concept, "mass/energy," meaning mass or energy or both.

175. ALTRUISM: "TO GIVE WITHOUT A REWARD." The "Chamber of Altruism," appears as a, component of "Nature's House."

177. TRUE ALTRUISM: "GIVING WITHOUT EXPECTING A REWARD." RBC, with its low biological stress, is "A World of True Altruism."

179. LEAST ALTRUISTIC: "Time is (or as) money." Truthful knowledge, sincerely communicated, is: "THE CURRENCY OF TRUE ALTRUISM."

182. MOST ALTRUISTIC: "TIME AS A GIFT." A gift without the expectation of reward.








#18a (for quantum mechanics and mathematics students). Let: T=exp(-itH/rationalized Planck constant or hbar), then for any complex number exp(i theta) on a sphere of radius one (where theta is any fixed real number), exp(i theta) exp(-itH/hbar) is a solution of the Schroedinger equation where H=Hamiltonian operator, and for theta=(2n+1)pi, (and n=0, +/-1, +/-2, - - ), exp(i theta) = -1 and T becomes both bidirectional and "rotation free" (1).


Dancing With Whales, Creative, A New Logic of Nature ("Trinity Conference"), The Lanzarote Paper, The "RBC2000" Paper are all available at: Ceta-Research, with contacts and web sites at: (includes 12 one-page abstracts and 9 FAQ's), 1414, 1424, 1430, 1541, 1545, 1768, 1774, 1931, 1994, 1998, 2127, 2131, 2147, 2148. Hitoshi Kitada Home Page , and T. Natarajan (1). McPhee, J. 1980 Basin and Range, Stephen Jay Gould 1987 Time's Arrow, Time's Cycle, Gregory Benford 1999 Deep Time (2). Assembly of "Global Village" (McLuhan) is, time and cyclesi egroups ("AGV"), at: or cyclesi et al.

Date: 09/24/2001

Name: Dr. Peter Beamish


Musings: Beginnings and Ends (Day 2)

"Is this the beginning of a new tomorrow, or the end of an old yesterday?"

Nice poetry, but "this" cannot be both, as they are one day, or one cycle apart!

"Is it the end of the beginning, or the beginning of the end?"

But "it," in this case, can be momentarily both, provided that --- there is no middle!!!

"The world is a circle going round and round"

Sorry! It's more like a sphere!

"Time" = exp(-itH/hbar) H.Kitada, Tokyo, is: "The reading of a cyclical clock." And "Time" + conventional time (when acting as attached labels on mass and/or energy vectors) appears to be the new reality of "TIME." Reference:

Date: 09/24/2001

Name: Stanley Chan


Musings: For reasons unknown to me to whose PC were sent the Day 1-What is Time and Day 3-The Great Surmise, but the Day 2-Beginings and Ends-is no where to be found. Now, Day 3, is here but is momentarily receding into the past; then,Day 2,is definitely only somethere in the past, even if it were indeed sent to me, tracable only in our mental memory. It is for me presently unreal and non-existent, should the presentist view of time is dearly held.It is in that sense, I suppose, delusional and irrational to hold the process view of time.

Date: 09/23/2001

Name: Mary Pond

Musings: I loved the poem "Dream Time". Thanks

Date: 04/26/2001

Name: Enz

Musings: Tick-Tock, the time ticks off the clock. Future becomes the present and the present became the past. What is of the past you ask? The past decided to pass.

Date: 04/26/2001

Name: Matt Insall


Musings: To know something is to have an intimate interaction with it over an extended duration.

Date: 04/12/2001

Name: Matt Insall


Musings: Random? Not really. Apparently random? Most definitely.

Date: 04/11/2001

Name: Matt Insall


Musings: Slow down. Light moves through any medium, or through space. No thing is truly opaque. Only probabilistically does any physical thing actually appear to halt a photon in its tracks.

Date: 04/10/2001

Name: Matt Insall


Musings: Perhaps it appears that absolutes are gone, but they lurk in the shadows, waiting for the day they will be recognized again. Theories are theories, and nothing more, but nothing less, either, for a good theory can be quite useful, even if it is wrong.

Date: 04/09/2001


Musings: What is the past and what is the future? Both are composed of memories and imagination.

What are memories and imagination made of? Both are composed of mental pictures, images and words ... and some of those elements are infused with feeling.

All mental pictures, images, words and feelings ... be they of the past or the future, take place in a here-and-now context.

When we are thinking of the past, we are thinking of it HERE AND NOW..

When we think of the future, we are thinking of it HERE AND NOW.

Hence, both the past and the future are mental projections of the here and now reality.

Time is exclusively here and now in a spiritual sense..

Date: 04/09/2001

Name: Matt Insall


Musings: Can time stand still? What meaneth still? Not moving. What meaneth moving? Change in place throughout a duration. What meaneth duration? Change in time. Time standing stil and changing. Verbal machinations mounting opposition to meaningful communications.

Date: 04/08/2001

Name: Matt Insall


Musings: Incomprehensible, this physical scientific bent toward anti-superluminosity. 'Tis unprovable, what they propose, that the photon holds by the throat either father time or reality.

Date: 04/07/2001

Name: Matt Insall


Musings: And on the sixth day, He rested...

Date: 04/06/2001

Name: Matt Insall


Musings: If c were infinity, where would relativity be?

Date: 04/05/2001

Name: Matt Insall


Musings: I expect one day to see models of reality that use the complex numbers to represent time. This is how one might be able to accomodate the ``two-dimensional'' time perceptions.

Date: 04/04/2001

Name: Mary


Musings: I think you need further explanation of Hopi thought. Mary

Date: 04/04/2001

Name: Matt Insall


Musings: I think that time is absolute, but not absolutely understandable by human minds. When we measure or model time scientifically or mathematically, we must needs do so in a relative and approximate sense only, because we are ``in it''. But I do not consider time (in any absolute sense) to be dependent upon me, or us, or any other physical object or physical process. We sense time both physically and spiritually, so if the universe ``came to a halt'', time would, I believe, march along. Some physicists may treat this as hogwash. Others may realize that although I did not use their term ``multi-verse'', their ``multi-verse'' models fit this conception of time for our universe, because time for the so-called ``multi-verse'' continues to ``exist'' even if one of the ``univerese'' ceases to exist.

Date: 04/03/2001

Name: Her Serene Highness Karrin


Musings: Me thinks that you should exploit this thing into turning it into a calendar, a small book of poems with the splash page the cover. It could also be produced on something like 4"x4" heavy stock spiral bound at top so it sits as a tripodal thingy and it is something that just gets flipped everyday, year after year, No Mon Tue Wed, just the numbers. You could probablyproduce any of these things fairly inexpensively. The marketing is the tricky part -- distributor, etc. But you could also rep them yourself. Years ago I did this with a guy on an astrological calendar and it actually sold all he printed, maybe 1-5K???? And it was not high tech, actually looked quite unprofessional. Really! It could reach a whole different market and could even be bought by someone that saw it on the net. We can't underestimate the value of hard copyk, tangible, holdable, smellable BOOKS! I have a small mental orgasism just by opening the door of a bookstore and smelling the paper, ink, etc. AND, YOUR THOUGHTS ON THIS TYPE OF TIME?

Date: 11/19/2000

Name: Dr. Peter Beamish


Musings: "Now's Duration" The length of now is clearly duration - Agree! - a tick of an instant pin prick, Yes! - a day of routine hastily seen, No! - a life time - , No! No! No! No! No! -(a)length of time to read a rhyme? Yes!

"Now Time" is not defined in physics, because it involves active 'thought processes' of minds. External events are empirically 'real' and one's "Now Time" is related to the 'Mass/Energy' (meaning: mass and/or energy) flow from such events to one's mind, until such 'Time' as a 'thought transfer' moves one's mind to another event, perhaps one with different 'space-time' coordinates. If a "Now Time" event (such as your pin prick or reading of a rhyme) is at a 'radius' of: its 'Mass/Energy,' average velocity multiplied by the conventional time 't' for said event to activate one's mental thoughts, then a resulting 'diameter,' divided by said, average velocity is a newly proposed measure of one's "Now Time." For more information and results, please see

Date: 11/07/2000

Name: Dr. Peter Beamish



"The world is a hectic place traveling at a frantic pace."

"Now Time" does not travel at a "frantic pace!" So join it, and put some calm into your hectic place!

"Money makes the world go round. Without it time would run aground."

Nonsense! Money is not evil, but it is "The root of evil!" Before, during and after the use of money, time goes on, (related partially to the rotation of the planet Earth).

We keep our lives in constant motion; time and money our devotion.


We can keep our lives in constant motion; let "Now Time" and calm be our devotion.

Date: 10/26/2000

Name: Dr. Peter Beamish


Musings: Tomorrow's Purpose (for humans only!) What shall we do? What shall we say? Look to the future to light the way.

Today's Purpose (for all of the biosphere!) What shall we do? What shall we say? Look to the present. Be ‘calm' today.

Date: 10/23/2000

Name: Dick



Note to you! The White Rabbit was very concerned with time.

Date: 10/21/2000

Name: Richard Shauer

Email: jackofshadows@msn

Musings: As a watchmaker I am constantly surprised at the number of customers concerned with the accuracy of their watch. "My watch is accurate to one-tenth of a second a day" is a matter of pride, when it is the inaccurate watch that should bring happiness. People are concerned with the accurate passage of time, not realizing that it is not time that is moving, it is us. And we move at differing rates.

Date: 10/19/2000

Name: Dr. Peter Beamish


Musings: - - - - - - - - - - TEN TOKENS OF "TIME" - - - - - - - - - - (Five-word "tangible representations of something immaterial")

1) Time is: THE READING ON A CLOCK. - (Einstein)

2) But you can: READ A CLOCK TWO WAYS. - (1988)



5) "t" PLUS RBT EQUALS "TIME." (which thus becomes 'helical')






Empirical postscript and appendix: 1) Only three orthogonal ‘spacial dimensions.' 2) Vectors have magnitude and direction. 3) Vectors exist within ‘spacial dimensions.' 4) Scalar quantities have magnitude only. 5) Time is a scalar quantity. 6) Time's magnitude increases, never decreases. 7) Time is a "counting scalar." 8) "Timetag vectors" ("Timetags" on vectors). 9) "Space-time" consists of four variables. 10) Only three orthogonal ‘spacial dimensions.'

Spiritual postscript and appendix: By request to:

Date: 10/14/2000

Name: David Sutcliffe


Musings: Time is like the rivets that hold a boat together,it holds our moments together, and stops us floating off into a sea of nothingness.

Date: 10/13/2000

Name: C Jonz


Musings: On time in time sometime only time any time all the time i have time for you

Date: 10/07/2000

Name: Bucky Rea


Musings: "Don't you know time time time is on my side; yes it is. Time time time is on my side." --Mick Jagger.

"The best way to relieve families from time is to let them keep some of their own money." --Gov George Bush, Westminster, CA, Sep 13, 2000

"You have nothing to lose but your time." --Bucky Rea, Editor for Alternative History at Suite

Date: 10/04/2000

Name: Karrin


Musings: I'm late, I'm late, for a very important date.

No time to say "hello", goodbye.

I'm late, I'm late, I'm late.

Who said that?

Date: 09/23/2000

Name: Dr. Peter Beamish


Musings: According to 21st century biophysical concepts of TIME, ( +) there are BOTH linear and a circular components, being respectively "t" (conventional time) and RBT or "Rhythm Based Time," whereby TIME = "t" + RBT. For the latter: the "beginning" and the "end" are the same, known as "OnTime."

Date: 09/22/2000

Name: Dr. Peter Beamish


Musings: TIME does NOT FLOW. Mass/Energy flows. TIME = conventional time "t" (from past to future) PLUS "Rhythm Based Time"(RBT) (from OnTime, a beginning, to OnTime an ending) where thus the beginning and the ending (in RBT only) are the same! All three: TIME, "t" and RBT are precisely defined as: "THE READING ON A CLOCK."

Date: 09/22/2000

Name: Dr. Peter Beamish


Musings: Time is "The Reading on a Clock"(1950's) however "There are now two scientific ways to read such "a Clock"(1990's). The first is "Past, Present and Future" and appears linear, the second is "OnTime, Late, OffTime and Early" and appears circular and always within one's "Now Time." (much, much more on:

Date: 09/21/2000

Name: George Does


Musings: Time is something man cannot comprehend, it is like infinity. We know it and sort of understand it but just can't get a feel for it.

VanLoon related time in the following (I'm using memory so may not get it word for word correct):

Far in the north in a land called Svitjord there stands a mountain. This mountain is one mile high and one mile wide. Once every thousand years a little bird comes to this mountain to sharpen it's bill. When the mountain is worn down to nothing one instant of eternity will have gone by.

Time is eternal - long live time!

Another time abstract: The universe was not created because it has always been here and will always be here (in one form or another)

These thoughts are more than mortal minds can comprehend. This is why we create gods. When we pass it off to a god we don't have to think about it and get boggled down.

Date: 09/21/2000

Name: Karrin


Musings: What are my thoughts on time? I don't have time to think about time, at least in a timely fashion.

And, Time influences fashion!

fun stuff Paul

Cheers, Karrin

Date: 09/21/2000

Name: Mike


Musings: Time, in a more or less philosphical sense, is life itself. Life is change. The absence of change is death. And we measure changes in life by time. So time becomes life and the absence of becomes time. At least as we know it now.

Date: 09/21/2000

Name: Andrew Vecsey


Musings: The fabric of the universe (3 Dimentional without any time dimension)

There is no time, only motion.

The universe is a glob of light energy of all wavelengths from those that are too high for us to measure to those that are too low for us to detect. It is a grand synphony and light show. And we produce a very small part of it.

It is finite in its size and in its growth. It lives in an infinitely large imaginary mathematical framework of 3 dimensions called space.

It moves within and the motion we feel and partake in we call time.

A year and a day are measurements of motion of our solar system.

Smaller intervals of time are measured by motion of smaller particles such as electrons and photons.

The effects of gravity dislays the universe's elasticity. The for us immense speed of light displays its immense solidity and immense lightness. It is so light that we can not sence it at all and so we deny it is there. Our denial of this ether leads us to believe that there is zero friction to traveling light waves, and that they keep travelling for ever and ever. This for ever and ever belief neccesitates that we add another infinitely large imaginary mathematical dimension called time to our 3 dimentions of space causing distortions of our reality. It necessitates an unrealistic and thus incomprehensible view incorparating infinities and zeros as black holes, and hallucigenic distortions in space and paradoxicall distortions in time.

What gravity really is and the reasons for zero friction of lightwaves remains unanswered. Nether are spiritual energies that all of us feel and most of us either ignore, deny, or just take them forgranted.

We are machines of our soul. Our soul is our memory that has radiated into space at the speed of light containing all wavelength from our temperature to our thoughts. It is a slowly grinding machine that spurts out thought and memory and feeling and ideas with a frequency much too high for us to detect.

It is continually pushed out and when we die it stops to radiate and stays anchored to the atoms that formed its body. These anchor points eventually disperse and forms other bodies. That is how the soul reproduces. The soul is alive and because it is radiated out into space, it is everywhere. This allows the soul to be at any place it ever was and at any time. Like waves that they are, they blend without losing their identity with all the other souls that ever were and that are ever to be. Like society that they are, they incorporates all of its citizens. Just as people attract other people in the present, our patterns interact and attract patterns of other people in our past.

Our past is not dead memories, but it forms our living soul. Our soul is alive and pesonal, anchored to the present moment via our body, When we are alive, our soul is distributed and incorporated with all the other souls. When our body dies, it stays anchored and becomes distributed and incorporates into many bodies. This enables the soul to continue to sence its universe from a wider and wider perspective and to continue growing and understanding and appreciating the importance of its role.

The more alive our soul is, and the more we listen to it, the better can it guide us to choose our future path which is ours to freely choose.

Date: 07/21/2000

Name: Dale L. Cohenour


Musings: In a universe in which only two "things exist and one of those things is moving, how does one tell which of those two things is moving? You have to have a third point, a point of reference to do that. In our Universe we do have that problem. There are only two "things"; Matter and energy. We know that matter is moving, at least in relation to the different parts of itself spread through space and probably in reference to the very center of this Universe. Which would be the point of the Big Bang. But we believe that energy is moving. As we see that it is in relation to matter. Now, how would one distinguish which is really moving? It seems that the thing that is constant in relation to the others would be the one that is not moving. So it would probably be more correct to say that matter is moving in relation to light at 186,000mps.

Date: 02/03/2000

Name: Dale L. Cohenour


Musings: Centrifugal force is not a force in the sense of the four fundamental forces of nature. It is actually no more than the tendency of matter moving in a straight line to try to continue treaveling in a straight line on a curved path. That "inertia" is felt as a force and is at right angles to the trajectory. This holds true of mass in a two-dimensional plane. Why should we not think that there is an analogous force in a universe in which the mass rotates in three dimensions. Or four dimensions.

Date: 01/31/2000

Name: Dale L. Cohenour


Musings: Movement of mass is possible becuse mass exists in a four dimensional Universe. Movement of mass is identical in all of the four dimensions. Always "out". Even more mundane movement of mass in the three dimensions we are familiar with is like the movement of mass in the dimension of time. Aways out. It can never travel "back" to a location at which it has existed before.

Date: 01/31/2000

Name: Robert S. Larson


Musings: My thoughts on time are:

An organizational tool;

An artifact of human self-awareness of our earthly birth and inevitable earthly death.

As a human construct, we can postulate time doing virtually anything: slowing, speeding up, stopping, reversing, whatever. These qualities of time are only in our minds. And mine is shot for now; all this heavy thinking.

Date: 01/29/2000

Name: Dale L. Cohenour


Musings: Einstein"s theories posit that the "fabric" of space-time is "warped" by the presence of matter. This statement smacks somewhat of magic to me. We live in a causal Universe. Some "force" is necessary to warp space. I believe that Gravity is that force. I believe that he put the cart before the force.

Date: 01/29/2000

Name: Curtis


Musings: Thank you for sharing your wonderful web site! Ican appreciate all of the work and time that has gone into it! I would like to share some of my thoughts on time as well. Visit me at

Date: 01/18/2000

Name: Sparky

Musings: Very nice site. Timely. Well, time for sleep, where time stops. Good Nite

Date: 12/23/1999

Name: Bud


Musings: Is time quantized?

Date: 12/18/1999

Name: O'Barr


Musings: There are many kinds of time. Einstein was very smart, and used the clock as time. But as a physicist, at the deepest part of our reality, time is that quality of reality that allows change to occur!

And God, being kind, allows us to also change. He will even allow us to become as He is! Eternal, and at peace, with Him!

Date: 09/03/1999

Name: Connie

Musings: Hi Paul, I think it's time for another birthday. Have a happy one. Love, Connie

Date: 05/06/1999

Name: Carolina


Musings: Anytime, all the time, I have time for your time....thank you for the wonderful site, music is sooooo lovely, words are thick and full, bellissima...

Date: 01/30/1999


Musings: Time as such is so abstract, so fleeting, so philosophical -- yet measureing time and inventing and building time-measuring devices is so much an exact science. Maybe it is this dichotomy which grabs the dedicated Horologist.

Date: 05/16/1998

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