Tour of Time Through Time


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  The tour begins with a few days of introductions,
posing questions
and surmising about surmising.


Day 1

What is Time?

Day 2

Beginnings and Ends

Day 3

The Great Surmise

Day 4

Two Dimensional Time --
a Hopi view


  We then make a sharp U-turn to the beginning of time
when the Universe was a flash of light and time stood still.


Day 5

c=299,792,458 Meters Per Second - in a vacuum

Day 6

Restful Illusions

Day 7

Constant c's Consequence

Day 8

Lawful Immortality ?

Day 9


Day 10

Our House of Mirror


  We stop only briefly at particle's time,
where time emerged as a probable maybe. 


Day 11

Particle's Time -- Then and now

Day 12

What Is Knowing


  We stay seven days with celestial bodies
going round and round, and round and round.
This is the birth of time as we know it.


Day 13

What Was Time

Day 14


Day 15

The Living Earth

Day 16

Poetic Time

Day 17

Cyclic Monotony

Day 18

Evolving Clocks


  We are at the birth of human kind,
before yesterdays and tomorrows.


Day 19


Day 20

Fear of the Known

Day 21

Beginnings and Ends

Day 22

My Inner Voice

Day 23

The See of Humankind

Day 24

Dream Time

Day 25

Time's Measure

Day 26

Overflowing Now


  We continue onward
through the evolution of human time
and time itself.


Day 27

Voiceless Words

Day 28

Tomorrow's Purpose

Day 29

Parallel Lives

Day 30

The Here and Now

Day 31

Thoughtful Reality

Day 32

Time is Money

Day 33

Time Management

Day 34

My Famous Rhyme

Day 35

Life's Time

Day 36

Musical Time

Day 37

Metaphysical Time

Day 38

My Time

Day 39

Elastic Time

Day 40


Day 41

Time's Necessity

Day 42

Winter Time

Day 43

Past and Future

Day 44

The Rail of Time

Day 45


Day 46

Now's Duration

Day 47


Day 48

Time as Number

Day 49

We are Yesterday

Day 50


Day 51

Happy New Year

Day 52

Timeless Yearnings

Day 53


Day 54


Day 55

Our Last Stand

Day 56


Day 57

Time's Evolution

Day 58

Beginnings and Ends

Day 59

A New Season

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