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Music mirrors life as it flows through time being time. There are periods of high harmony,
all participating in one mind,
magnifying the moment,
growing faster and faster.

There are also periods of conflict,
all with opposing stories,
marching against each other,
growing destruction.

These are the two poles with infinite gray between.

The following music is the first part of Quartet No.10 in Eb, Op.51, titled Allegro ma non troppo by Antonin Dvorak, played and recorded by Benjamin Tubb,

Dvorak was masterful at manipulating various times and personalities. All combination of parts are presented to better hear how Dvorak contoured time to his will. Dvorak departed in 1904, but his magic endures.

Feel free to listen as you travel web pages,
bridging cyber time and Dvorak's time.



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The Full Quartet



1st Violin
2nd Violin


1st Violin—2nd Violin
1st Violin—Viola
1st Violin—Cello
2nd Violin—Viola
2nd Violin—Cello


1st Violin—2ndViolin—Viola
1st Violin—2nd Violin—Cello
1st Violin—Viola—Cello
2nd Violin—Viola—Cello



Benjamin Tubb

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